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  • At FACE ONE-EIGHTY, we specialize in time-tested and proven procedures, and we provide these services hundreds of times each month.  Our technique is absolutely the best!  We are committed to your comfort and a fabulous result at simply the best prices in the area.
  • Our office is located in a tranquil, nature-inspired setting. Why look at office walls?  Our office is surrounded by windows with views of tall trees and natural surroundings.  Clients tell us they immediately feel relaxed as they enter our spa, greeted by soothing music and gentle aromatherapy.  Our personalized service will make you feel like a welcome friend, which you are!
  • We want every patient to understand the products they use, why they work, and what they can and cannot do for you. We aren't here to "sell" you anything. Instead, patient education, satisfaction, and personalized service are what we are known for. We'll help you understand what is available in aesthetic/plastic surgery and help you decide for yourself if you are a candidate for these services. If we can't help you, we will refer you to area specialists who can. Visit us and experience the difference at Face One-Eighty!  Our list of services includes:


  • MICRONEEDLING to tighten pores/improve skin and wrinkles by stimulating your skin's collagen, treatment includes hyaluronic acid serum infusion, tissue growth factor serum and Oxygen gel tx 
  • BOTOX, DYSPORT, and XEOMIN best prices, skilled application for natural results
  • RESTYLANE, RESTYLE DEFINE, RESTYLANE REFINE, RESTYLANE SILK, PERLANE (LYFT), RADIESSE, JUVEDERM, VOLUMA and BELOTERO for instant facial contouring of lips, furrows, lines, cheeks
    medical grade products make the difference in skin care 
  • using the DiamondTome microderm system, effective, crystal-free
  • GLYCOLIC PEELS 10 to 70% for chemical exfoliation of dead surface layer skin cells, to refresh skin and clear and tighten pores
  • COSMETIC SURGEON staffed, supervised, and in office upon appointment request, 27 years of experience with St. Vincent Hospital staff, facial & body plastic & reconstructive surgery procedures.
  • All consultations are free of charge, please call to make and appointment at  317-208-3223, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, all by appointment.  If we are on the phone with another client, please leave us a detailed message and best time to reach you and we will do our best to return your call within 24 hours.


"EveryDay Prices"

(We have monthly specials -- be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page to see this month's sale prices!) 

Botox ($12/unit price)

1 area:   $240   2 areas:   $480   3 areas:  $720

Dysport ($4/unit price)

1 area: $200    2 areas: $400      3 areas: $600

Xeomin ($10/unit price) 

1 area: $200   2 areas: $400  3 areas: $600

Radiesse (1.5 volume syringe)

$550 per one syringe, $500/ syringe for purchase of two or more

Belotero (1cc syringe)

1/2 cc: $275    1cc: $475      2cc: $900     $3cc+: $425 per cc

Restylane (1 cc syringe)

1/2 cc:  $275     1 cc:  $475    2 cc:  $900  3 cc +:  $425 per cc

Perlane (LYFT) or Define (1 cc syringe)

1/2cc:  $350   1cc:  $550  2cc: $1,025   3cc +: $500 per cc 

Glycolic Peels, 10% - 70%

$80 each or 3 for $220

Microdermabrasion, Medical Grade "Diamondtome"

$90 each or 3 for $240


$250 full face or 3/$600




Please call us at 317-208-3223 for details, appointments or a free consultation. Our office is on a "by appointment only" schedule with appts Tues -Friday.

We will make every attempt to make your appointment the same week you call




Restylane, Silk or (NEW) Refyne

$375 each or 2/$650

Radiesse, Lyft or (NEW) Defyne

$450 each or 2/$800

Xeomin $8/unit

Dysport $3/unit

Botox $10/unit



$150 each or 3/$399

Microdermabrasion or Peels


About the Viora Reaction Radiofrequency Treatments....

The Viora Reaction, which uses bi-polar radiofrequency (RF) combined with vacuum therapy at multiple frequency choices, allowing us to specifically treat all parts of the face and body. This device is newly approved by the FDA although it has been used for several years in other European countries, South America, Asia and Canada. Various reports indicate that the treatment results surpass the comfort level AND the treatment outcomes of all competing devices. From the results we have seen in our office on trial patients, we would agree!  Six treatments are advised, two to three weeks apart for the face and once weekly for the body, with results seen after each treatment. Quarterly treatments are suggested to maintain the effect of skin tightening, cellulite smoothing, and contouring. 

HOW IT WORKS: The treatments heat the collagen and elastin fibers in the dermal layers and the fat layer, smoothing cellulite and connective tissues, shrinking fat cell volume, and increasing lymphatic drainage and circulation in the area of treatment to restore tightness to the dermis of the skin while shrinking and smoothing underlying tissues. Treatments take approximately 20 to 30 minutes depending on the area treated and are repeated every week or every two weeks, again depending on the body part. Results are seen several days after the first treatment and improvement continues after each session til completion. Pricing varies by body part and treatment protocol (see pricing below.) After the initial 6 treatments, 1 treatment every 2 to 3 months will maintain the improvement.

INDICATIONS: Cellulite, loose skin or poor skin tone, stretch marks, scars, large pores, fatty/loose skin at the jawline, bra line, upper arms or neck, surface wrinkling/lines, post-liposuction and other skin irregularities. Noticable improvements in surface wrinkling on the face, around the eyes and upper lip, and on the neck and chest were especially successful in trial patients, as were areas such as the arms, thighs, and around the elbows, knees.  Cellulite reduction in the arms, thighs, and abdomen were noted. Body contours were reduced and smoothed in the "love handles", under the chin and around the jawline, and backs of the arms.

PATIENT COMFORT:  One patient fell asleep during a trial facial skin tightening procedure here (and no, she was not taking any medication)! While I would say that this is unusual, it was a pleasure to know that the device does not cause pain or discomfort. Most trial patients reported it being "comfortable". The key to this includes the proper setting of the device, the device's cooling handpiece tips, and the proper amount of gel barrier. While the radiofrequency does generate heat, the system slowly heats the area of treatment and maintains a comfortable heating zone. The area may be pink during treatment but quickly subsides.

DOWNTIME/RECOVERY: There is no downtime with any of the treatments. It is possible for the area of treatment to be pink due to increased circulation and blood flow. If the vacuum handpiece is used (on the body), there may be tenderness in the area for a day or two following the treatment but this was not reported as a problem by our trial patients. They did however, say that they could "feel the area tightening", sometimes immediately or over the next several days.

COST: Cost will vary by body area treated, due to the time and treatment protocol involved. Prices below are listed below PER TREATMENT and PACKAGES of SIX.


Forehead: $150/tx or $800 for 6

Eyes: $125 or $650 for 6

Under Chin & Jawline: $200 or $1100 for 6
Under Central Chin Only: $150 or $800 for 6
Neck: $250 or $1400 for 6

Chest area: $300/tx or $1500 for 6

Nasolabial Folds and Marionette Lines: $150/tx or $800 for 6

Upper Lip: $50/tx  (add lower, add $50) or $250 for 6

Complete Lower Face(Cheek to jawline): $300/tx or $1650 for 6

Full Face (includes Eyes, Forehead and Jawline): $500/tx or $2500 for 6

Arms (both, back/side): $300/tx or $1650 for 6

Central Abdomen or Love Handles: $300/tx or $1650 for 6

Buttocks: $400 - $600/tx (larger size = more time = higher price) or $1900 - $2500

Posterior/Outside or Anterior/Inside Thigh $300 - $400/tx (larger size/higher price) $1600 to $1900

Inner Upper Thigh or Upper Back of Thigh: $250/tx or $1200 for 6

Upper Outer Thighs ("Saddle Bags"): $200/tx or $850 for 6

Upper Thigh/Under Buttock ("Banana Roll"): $250/tx or $1100 for 6

Visit the Viora Reaction Website for more information:  www.vioramed.com

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